Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day - a last minute thing.

Well Valentine's Day in this house now usually doesn't even rate a mention. I guess haveing kids will do that to you. It hasn't always been like that. Before we were married and even in the early years when the kids were little, we used to buy each other gifts. But as the years have gone by it has fallen by the wayside. Except for this year.

Simply Stamping with Narelle

This is the card that I gave my husband this year. Well sort of. You see this morning my 9 year old daughter made her dad a Valentines Day card before she went to school. She put it on the dining table this afternoon ready for when he came home. I felt really guilty so about 10 minutes before he was due home I decided to make a card too. But because I was quickly running out of time, I turned to My Digital Studio (MDS). I was just finising it off when he walked in the door, so I showed him my screen and said "Happy Valentines Day".....LOL. Oh I am so romantic....but still in my defense, that was more than he gave

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day and that your loved one has spoilt you rotten.

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Thanks for poping over today.

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