Sunday, 27 July 2014

How to get your Wish List for FREE

Today I did a very interesting exercise.

I wrote down all the stamps from  our current catalogue that are on my wishlist.  Then I added up how many I had on my list. Wowsers - I have a huge wishlist.
Then I got to thinking that maybe my customers also have large wishlists. I doubt you would have one as big a mine, because I just have to have it Anyway, I then decided to see how many of these stamp sets I could get in my Starter Kit if I was a customer who joined Stampin' Up! .

Wow I was amazed !!! I could get 7 of my stamp sets in my Starter Kit. Amazing !!! That's a lot of stamps. Now that would surely make a dent in anyone's wishlist.
I could get all these.
For the $169 joining fee you get $235 worth of Stampin' Up! goodies that YOU want. That is $66 worth of wonderful items for no cost. Plus you get a business starter pack thrown in, AND access to an exclusive online community of ideas. How cool is that !?

So how's your wishlist looking? Have you thought that it would take you forever to get whats on your list?

Well, now I have just shown you a way to reduce that wishlist, and possibly in some cases elminate it all together !

Did you know that the Starter Kit is totally flexible ? You get to choose what you want ! So if your wishlist has other things on it besides stamps, then you can add those too.
And did you know that for as long as you are a Demonstrator, you get a 20% discount on all your purchases. Plus if you place an order over $300 in your first 45 days as a Demonstrator, you get an additional 10% discount on that order. Now that is simply phenominal.
With a new Holiday Catalogue only days away, it will be way too easy to qualify for that first bonus discount.
Add to that the opportunity to order items before they are released to customers, overseas holidays to aim for and wonderful friendships gained along the way, what are you waiting for ??

If you want to learn more about joining up, please contact me.
Or if you are ready to reduce your wishlist at a discount and receive a discount on all further purchases, then click here to join my team.

Thanks for dropping by.

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