Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Freshly Brewed Projects - Birthday

Welcome to another Freshly Brewed Projects from the Latte Girls. This week we are celebrating Birthdays.

Everyone has a Birthday, some people don't celebrate them, but most people do. Rather than give a mass produced card next time someone you know is celebrating their Birthday, why not make them a handmade card. A card made by you, made with love and tailored to their likes.

The card I have made this week can easily be tailored. I'll explain how later.

Lift Me Up - Fantastic male stamp set - Simply Stamping with Narelle -

Besides the hot air balloons on this card, there are large letters which spell out the abbreviated B'DAY for birthday. This was such a fun card to make. A card that can be personalised very easily. All you need to do is put whatever word will fit on the card. For example, I could make one with Jess on the front for my daughter, MUM for Mother's Day, DAD for Father's Day, XMAS for Christmas. And the list goes on.

I thought it would be fun to show you how I made it.

First of all you want to check that the letters you want to use will fit on the card. But you can make your card whatever size you want, so unless you have a really long word that can't be abbreviated, you should be ok.

Next you want to stamp your images onto your card stock.

Then you want to line your card stock up using the grid paper to make sure that you have it nice and straight. There is nothing worse that wonky letters. I always line up my left corner nice and square.

Then using a ruller and the grid lines as a guide, place your letters on your cardstock.

Now you have two options here to keep the letters in place while you run them through the Big Shot. You can use the Magnetic Plate or you can use Washi Tape. There are pros and cons to both. Sometimes the magnets in the Magnetic Platform don't like where you have your dies and they can move which can cause frustration. On the other hand, sometimes Washi Tape can tear the card stock when you remove it. In this instance, I used Wahi Tape and it did tear the card stock on both sides, hence the stars either end of the word in the final card.

Make sure when you take it from the Big Shot that you keep all the bits.

Glue a contrasting piece of card stock onto your card front. This will help the letters stand out a bit. Then glue the stamped piece of card stock on top.  Now, using dimensionals on the back of the letters and small pieces, place them back in the spots they were cut from. I normally would use the mini dimensionals, but a lot of my supplies are in storage, so I just cut up the regular dimensionals.

See, it really is a fun technique and one I hope you try soon.

Now that you have seen my creation, pop over to the other girls pages below to see what they have created.

Thanks for dropping by.
Have a great day.

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  1. Wow this is terrific Narelle. Just love how you've made it. Thanks for the inspiration to try this technique