Monday, 4 December 2017

Where have I been?

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you would of noticed a distinct lack of posts lately. Well, unfortunately, my Mum passed away on 22nd November. So  I have been very distracted and took some well needed time out to be with family. We were moving to be with her anyway, but had to make a rushed trip before hand as she was very unwell in ICU. Sadly, she passed away the day after we arrived. It was actually six months and two days after Dad passed away. 

I believe everything happens for a reason, but at the moment I just can't see a possible reason for this set of circumstances. It is very hard to come to terms with the fact that I have just moved my family 1200kms and the major reason for the move is no longer here. I feel very lost and  confused. I know in time we will find our feet and move on,  but we just need to take it day by day at the moment. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my customers for their support while I have been absent. Some of you already knew this news, and I thank those for their kind words and well wishes.

So what's been happening while I have been away.
The biggest thing happening is the Year-End Sales Event.

The Year-End Sales Event is our chance to do a little inventory cleaning—and your opportunity to take advantage of special year-end deals on retiring and surplus items.  Make sure you check out these exclusive offers with big savings on select items. This sales event features a selection of items that are last-chance and limited-inventory, so be sure to get your orders placed while supplies last! 

Click on the image above to go straight to the sale, or the image below to go to my online store.

The other great thing that has been happening, is the pre order for the Occasions Catalogue. This is the catalogue that will be coming in January. This pre order is open to demonstrators only. 
So why is this something you would want to know about?
Well, if you purchase the starter kit now, you too can purchase early from the upcoming catalogue. Plus get a 20% discount on that order. How cool is that.
Purchase the starter kit here.

Thanks for dropping by.
Have a great day.


  1. Thinking of you Narelle- take all the time you need Stampin' Up! will always be here xx

  2. I'm so sorry Narelle. Take as much time as you fact you NEED to take time. You have so much to process.Thinking of you xox