Monday, 19 February 2018

A new space

So have you noticed me missing....AGAIN!!

Well this time it was for a good reason.
We moved into our new home! 
Now we can start a fresh life and hopefully move on with a new appreciation for the small things.

I took the opportunity to create my first craft studio/office and built it from the ground up. I have always had my own space, but it has always been a corner in a room. I have never had a space where I can close the door to the world and hence hide all my creative mess.
I thought you might like to see what has taken me away from you all.


I love this room, but it is  little more crowded than I anticipated. I have to share it with my daughter who I homeschool, so I needed to squeeze her desk in as well so I can still work and teach her at the same time. We will make it work though.

All the furniture you see, except for my daughters desk, came in very large and heavy IKEA boxes.

It was all a bit daunting, as it arrived the afternoon the day we moved in. So not only did I need to unpack a whole house, I also had furniture to assemble.

Feeling a little overwhelmed, I jumped at the offer of help from a cousin. I gladly accepted his offer to start assembling my office furniture. He made the desk and then hubby started on the Kallax wall units.

I have two of the Kallax units. One is for all my Stampin' Up! supplies, and the other is a mix of my things and my daughters school things. You can fit so much into these units, they are amazing.

A Billy book case holds all my stamps.

And I have been wanting a Raskog trolley for so long. I made it into my Big Shot station. I read somewhere once, that a lady had turned the top tray over to put her Big Shot on. It works a treat.

I even got an IKEA chair and even though it didn't need the extra padding, the cushion was floral so I couldn't walk past it. It's the little things!

As soon as I knew I was getting my own room, I was on the lookout for some things to make it less sterile. I didn't specifically go looking, just kept an eye out. I found a couple of great little accessories.

My new motto! 

How cool is this! I found this battery operated sign in a local post office. Just love it!

I have a bit more tidying to do and finding a place for odds and ends. Then I can decorate some more! But mostly my space is ready.

Now that I have my space sorted,  I can get on with creating.

Thanks for dropping by.
Have a great day.

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