Things are changing.

Hello and welcome to my blog.  You may have noticed I have been a little absent lately. There are a few reasons for that. 

Over the last few weeks I have done a lot of soul searching and working out what is working in my life, and what isn't. So to cut to the chase, one of the things that wasn't working, and the thing that will affect my readers and followers the most, is my journey with Stampin' Up!.

Shock, horror! I didn' think I would ever utter these words. But it's not all bad and it doesn't mean that I am leaving Stampin' Up!. There are just changes coming.

For me right now, I need to change my focus. I need to take the peddle off. Working ridiculously long hours has unfortunately taken it's toll. I was very jaded with the whole thing and very burnt out. Hence the soul searching. 

But I am happy to report that I am still staying with Stampin' Up! for now, but on  much less of a 'business' basis. You can still purchase from me, and I might still offer the occasional online classes. But you won't see so much Stampin' Up! on my blog  or social media.

It is time to start crafting for me instead of just doing it as a business. The business opportunity was great, but the stress and workload wasn't. So you will be seeing me sharing a lot more of my craft using other supplies. I am excited to get back into scrapping in a big way. And my first page will be up tomorrow using the gorgeous Mintay Marry Me patterned papers. Here is a sneak peek.

Thanks for dropping by and if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Have a great day.