Tuesday, 4 June 2019

The New Catalogue is Live

WOOHOO The day is finally here! The new Annual Catalogue is LIVE. You can now order all its gloriousness. There is so much to love in this catalogue. I thought I would start with just a brief overview of the lovely products suites.

This time around ordering the product suites is so much easier. If you love the whole suite, there is one item  number that includes everything in  the suite. So instead of having to put every single item into your card, you just have to put the one! Brilliant!

So lets dive in. 

First up is the Woven Thread Suite. Love, love, love the frames!

The Noble Peacock Suite has some gorgeous foiled paper and coloured foil sheets.

Magnolia Lane is so on trend. I have seen a lot of magnolias appearing recently in home wares.

Garden Lane is so green and perfect for backgrounds and more subtle projects.

Follow Your Art is perfect for all your crafty friends.

Pressed Petals is so lovely. Don't forget to check out the journal.

The Bird Ballad Suite is just so amazing. So so beautiful,  you really need to see it in real life to really appreciate it.

Dinoroar is perfect for all the little dudes in your life. I love it!

If you are an art lover, then Perennial Essence is for you.

I wasn't much a mosaic fan until I saw the Mosaic Mood suite. It's beautiful.


Love a more arty look to your projects. You will be able to create amazing things with the See A Silhouette suite.

Need a wonderful male themed suite? Then Come Sail Away is for you.

Told you there was a whole lot of gloriousness in this catalogue. This is just the bundles. There is so much more as well. I can't wait to share more with you.

Thanks for dropping by.
Have a great day.

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