Thursday, 19 September 2019

Stampin' Dreams Blog Hop

Hello and welcome. It is time for another Stampin' Dreams Blog Hop. This time around the theme is Card and Project Kits. We have a great variety of  these kits on offer so you should see a fantastic range of projects. I decided that I would make up the Christmas Countdown Project Kit.

This is a gorgeous project to work on. The end result is absolutely stunning. I love it. It is a countdown advent calendar to Christmas. It actually comes pre assembled, so all you need to do is decorate it. You can use everything supplied or decorate it in your own style. There is a stamp set you can purchase seperately to go with it. But you don't need to if you want to decorate it your own way. The little boxes are double sided so you can even decorate the other side in a different theme. 

The whole thing is very sturdy and made from a very think cardboard. It will last for years and bring you many years of joy. The little boxes are really not that little. They measure 5.5cm square, so you  can easily fit two large chocolate's like Ferrero Roche's in each box. This is great as I have a wooden advent calendar from a well known craft brand that I made up over 15 years ago. And while it has stood the test of time and my kids love it, the boxes are quite a bit smaller and I can't fit much in them. When I showed this one to my kids they oohed and ahhed over it and asked if we could switch to using this one. So if two teenagers like it,  then it is sure to be a hit with  your family too.

Now that you have seen my project, it is time to see what everyone else has made.

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  1. Just Beautiful Narelle! I really want to get this kit too. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. What a great summary/review of this lovely project kit! Thank you!

  3. Great project Narelle and I agree that the little drawers are definitely larger than other advent calendars so you can fit extra goodies in!