Saturday, 18 January 2020

The best thing to do with your photos

Hello and welcome. Do you have lots of photos that you never look at. I bet like mine, they are either on a digital device or packed in a box in the wardrobe. The events and places in these photos must have meant something at the time when you took the photo. So why are they forgotten now. 

We live in such a throw away society now. Fashions and trends change so fast, that what was 'in' 6 months ago is so 'out' now. Things are made more cheaply and not designed to last. We seem to be replacing items just because we can. Don't let your memories fall into that category. Buy some frames and display the most precious memories. Enjoy going through all the photos and reliving the experiences and fondly remembering those who are no longer with us.

But don't just put the rest of the photos back in the box or close the electronic folder. Keep out the special photos or memorable occasion and places photos. Why not even some of the hum drum, every day life photos too. Then find a way to showcase them. The best way of doing this is by creating a scrapbook.

Not the type of scrapbook that you remember from school with the large cream pages and the clag glue. I mean the 12" x 12" folders with the plastic sleeves where you create pages of your photos with wonderful embellishments which enhance the photos and help tell the story.

Here are a couple of examples I did a few years ago.

I must admit that since I joined Stampin' Up! I have been focusing on cards and have sadly been neglecting my scrapbook. It's even more sad because before Stampin' Up! I used to teach in a scrapbook store. A lot has happened in my last 7 years of being with Stampin' Up!. I have lost both my parents, moved interstate and have home schooled my children, amongst other things. With time rapidly moving along, I have decided I need to get back into scrapping. To keep me on track, I have even created a monthly class. So if you are in Brisbane, why not come along. The next one is February 28.

If you aren't local and want to start scrapping your photos, then be sure to follow my blog and sign up to my newsletter so you can see what I do and learn along the way. You might also want to check out some key items that will help you get started. I have popped them below and they link directly back to my online store.

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