Monday, 29 June 2020

Simply Inked Team Highlights - Embossing Folders

Hello and welcome.It is time for another Simply Inked Team Highlights. Our theme this time around is Embossing Folders. These add lots of texture simply and quickly, and can make quite an impact to any project.

I love the look that embossing folders give, but must admit, I tend to not use them a lot. I think that is something I need to change because the use of the Dainty Diamonds embossing folder on my project today certainly adds an extra beautiful element.

Embossing folders create detailed embossed designs. Stampin’ Up! offers two types of embossing folders: standard and 3D. Both types make crisp, clean impressions but are manufactured using different processes so the 3D folders are thicker. 3D embossing folders have “3D” in their names. 

Use Impression Mats to add more embossed texture to your crafting. Depending on the die, you can cut and emboss or you can use dies instead of embossing folders. Use with dies that have decorative ejection holes for additional embossing, or use with cutting dies to emboss instead of cut.


 • Always run embossing folders through the machine hinge-first. This keeps the folder aligned while it goes through the machine. If you insert it open-ends first, the two sides might not stay aligned, which can damage the folder and the hinge.
 • Place the hinge edge of the folder approximately 1" (2.5 cm) from the end of the Cutting Plate. If it’s placed too close to the end of the plate, it’s harder to turn the handle to run the sandwich through the machine. 
• If you’re not getting a deep enough impression on the cardstock, you can ะพ Spritz the cardstock lightly with water, put it in the embossing folder, then run it through the machine. This weakens the fibers in the cardstock and allows for a better impression. 
  • Add a shim. Be sure that the sandwich is not too high. If it is too high and you force it through the machine, you can damage or ruin the machine. 
• With dense designs, you might see some cracking on the embossed cardstock. To prevent this, break the fibers in the cardstock before you put it in the embossing folder. 

You can * Spritz the cardstock lightly with water (you can use a Stampin’ Spritzer, item 126185). 
* Bend and curl the cardstock with a Bone Folder (item 102300) or against the edge of a table.

Here are all the amazing embossing folders that we offer at Stampin' Up!

You can see the Dainty Diamonds folder above that I have used on my card. I have fallen in love with this design and can see me using it quite a bit.

Beryl has played along this week and made a couple of pretty awesome cards. I love how she embossed the patterned paper. What a great idea. And the versus she made for inside are just so special.

You can purchase your Stampin' Up! supplies from Beryl here, or from my shop here.

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