Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Pride 2020 Blog Hop

Hello and welcome. Today I am participating in a Pride blog hop. I strongly believe in 'live and let live'. We are a world of many different beliefs and lifestyles. So lets celebrate them all and live in peace. 

I was inspired by the LGBT+ flag and it's beautiful rainbow of colours for my creation today. I kept the design simple so the symbolism of the colours could be the focus.

Now that you have seen my creation, it is time to see what everyone else has created.

You can purchase the supplies I have used on my card in my online store here.

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  1. Fab card - clean and simple, just how I like it

  2. Oh my goodness, love how sweet this is!

  3. Wonderful! Love how something so simple can be so beautiful and meaningful.

  4. Love this card. Clean, simply and meaningfull.

  5. LOVE it! PERFECT sentiment for a Pride card!!