Wednesday, 4 November 2020

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Hello and welcome. It is time for another Freshly Brewed Projects. Our theme this time around is Gatefold cards. There are lots of different ways to do gatefold cards. So you are sure to see lots of variety today.

A Gatefold card is basically a card that has the front split so it opens from the front and not the edge like a normal card. I have split the front of my card down the middle and have added an extra piece to hide how it opens.

When you raise the front panel, it reveals that the card opens down the middle.

And then when you open the two side panels, it reveals the inside.

When you add an extra panel on the front like I did, it sometimes doesn't want to sit flat. So you need to find way to keep it down. One way is to tie ribbon into a bow. Another way is to add an embellishment that the flap tucks under to hold it down. I added a buckle that holds the flap in place.

Now that you have seen my gatefold card, it is time to see what Libby has made.

Here is the complete list of everyone who is participating today.

·       Libby Dyson  

·       Debbie Yeomans

·       Leonie Schroder

·       Narelle Fasulo 

Thanks for dropping by.
Have a great day.

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