Sunday, 13 December 2020

Joy of Sets Blog Hop - Christmas


Hello and welcome. Today I am taking part in the Joy Of Sets Blog Hop. Our theme is Christmas, but not just Christmas. It is about our favourite Christmas Song. I can't believe that it is only a few shorts week away. The years are flying past and even though Christmas is at the same time every year, it always has a way of sneaking up on me. Luckily all my Christmas cards are made and sent, so I know that one part of Christmas has been dealt with. 

The card I am sharing with you today represents my favourite Christmas song - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas. How? Well it's the Poinsettia. From a young child, the Poinsettia was a constant symbol in my home and my Nanna's home at Christmas. Both my Mum and Nanna had centre pieces on the dining table that had Poinsettia's in them. They also had tablecloths with  them on as well. Even my Aunts had them too. Plus the tablecloths in the caravans for our holidays had them too. So everywhere there were Poinsettias. Nothing reminds me of Christmas like they do.

This card is currently winging it's way to one of my customers. I do hope she likes it. It is very simple but I am hoping it inspires her to try this different style of card front.

As you can see, when the card is laying flat it looks like any normal card. But when you stand it up, it has a see through front. If you were to look inside there is no visible glue from the flower and leaves. That is because they are glued to the card stock at the top and bottom, and the flower is meant to look like it is floating. You can achieve the same look by leaving off the window sheet. I have done that lot's of times, but this time I thought the poinsettia was a little too weak  and didn't want to risk the integrity of the card. Perhaps if  this was a landscape card the integrity would be better as there would be less negative space with nothing in it. 

Now that you have seen my card, it is time to see what Pia has created.

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  1. Great card Narelle, love a Poinsettia at Christmas time x

  2. Love how you have it on the clear sheet for the face of the card.

  3. What a classic card! Love your color choices!

  4. Love the way you've added that gorgeous flower to the clear sheet - it really makes it pop! Have a great Christmas season Narelle x

  5. Love your story...poinsettias have always been part of our Christmas too!! Love the use of the acetate too!!

  6. Love your card. Also love poinsettias but am absolutely hopeless at keeping them alive!

  7. You definitely took me down memory lane with this one! My grandmother had a beautiful linen table cloth that looked just like your card!!! And Johnny Mathis' version of this song is my favorite! x

  8. Lovely card, I love poinsettias at Christmas as well :-)