Saturday, 27 March 2021

Forever Greenery

Hello and welcome. Today I have a double scrap page to share with you. I did this as part of the Off The Rails Scrapbook Design Team. We have an awesome mood board for inspiration this month.

When I saw the mood board I knew exactly what photos I wanted to scrap. More about them later, first here is the double page spread and then a close up of each page.

The photos I used are of my daughter when she was a lot younger. We used to live in a leafy part of Sydney and were lucky enough to have a small State Forest practically on our door step. The kids used to love wandering along the trails. It was so peaceful and hard to believe that less than 50 metres away there was a main and very busy road. We used to love just sitting on a log and listening to the birds and wind in the trees.

The products I decided to use were also easy to choose. The green and bush surrounds in the photos leant beautifully to using the Forever Greenery Suite. And of course the Mountain Air bundle added a little bit of the story of the trees.

You can purchase all the supplies I have used in my online store below, or by using any of my other ordering methods.

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