Saturday, 3 April 2021

Ice Cream Corner

Hello and welcome. Today I am taking part in an Ice Cream Corner Blog Hop. Everyone loves ice cream, right! Imagine how everyone would receive an ice cream themed birthday card. I can think of quite a few people in my life who would.

I decided for my card today I would try to take inspiration from the famous choc top ice cream you always had to have when you went to the movies as a child. I am sure they are probably still around, but I haven't been to the movies for years.

I always remember the condensation on the chocolate top when you opened them, and often thinking that I had to eat it right now before it melts. And then spending the next 10 minutes wholly focused on  the ice cream often missing the little preview they had on before the main event. It was always strange to eat the ice cream first, and then the popcorn. I tried to recreate the condensation by using a couple of gems from the Flowers For Every Season Gems.

Now that you have seen my creation, it is time to see what everyone else has made.

You can purchase all the supplies I have used in my online store below, or by using any of my other ordering methods.

Thanks for dropping by.
Have a great day.

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