Monday, 20 September 2021

Base Pages

Hello and welcome. Today I wanted to go over Base Pages.
What are they and how do you use them?

Base pages are just what they sound like. They are basic pages to get you scrapbooking. Not my original idea, but a great idea.

When you see scrapbook pages, they all have to start from somewhere. And that is normally from the bottom up. You start with a piece of card stock, add pretty patterned paper. Then layer on photos, headings and embellishments.

Stop at the pretty paper and you have a base page. So it is basically cardstock with pretty paper on it. That's it.

They are quick and easy to create. Just grab a packet of patterned paper and start gluing the paper down. Try a variety of paper placements and just have fun. Don't worry about what photos you will be using or the embellishments you have. Just get the pretty paper onto the card stock and file the page away in an album.

Then when you are ready to sit down and scrap, go to your base pages and find one that's suitable for the topic and photos you want to scrap. If you have created a variety of base pages, you will be sure to have one that suits your needs.

This was quite a revolutionary way of scrapping for me when I found out about it. And I must say, quite liberating as well. I used to spend hours searching for the perfect papers to go with my photos. I either couldn't find the perfect paper or I ran out of time. Now I just head to my already prepared base pages and pick one that suites. It has taken all the hard work out of scrapping. Now I can just sit and play with embellishments.

To help explain more about base pages and to see the ones I have made, watch this video.

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