Saturday, 28 May 2022

Another idea for busy paper

Hello and welcome. Today I wanted to give you another idea for what to do with all that busy scrap book paper you have. You know the ones, the ones that have all over pattern of large images or collages. There are many brands that make this type of paper, like Mintay, P13 and Studio73. I love those brands and what they make, but sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed trying to use some of the papers.

So today I want to let you know, that they make beautiful cards. And so easy as well. Just cut the paper into card front size pieces. Now I don't get specific, and pick which bits I want to use. I just cut it into 3 4" strips, then cut each strip in half so I end up with 6 pieces that measure 4" x 6". Then I trim each one to measure 5.75". This bit I purposely do after I have initially cut them, as I do like to decide which end I will take the quarter inch from. And in the cards I have to share with you today, that came in handy as I was able to cut the shelf off. This will make complete sense when you watch the video below.

So here are the six cards I made with the one piece of busy paper from the Country Fair collection from Mintay.

I kept them simple as each card had a nice scene which would have been somewhat lost if I added too much. All I did was add a sentiment to each. Here is a closer look.

Because I only used a die cut sentiment on each, I cut several of the same and glued them together to give the sentiments more presence and oomph.

Like I mentioned above, I made a video about this as well which you can watch below.

I hope I have inspired you to use all those busy papers in your stash that you don't how to use.

I stock some Mintay products in my online store which you can visit here or by clicking on the image below.

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