Sunday, 19 June 2022

An Easy Alternate

Hello and welcome. Today I have an easy alternate for using those stamps that you think you need to colour. Have you looked at stamps of detailed flowers and floral arrangements, and thought that they were just too time consuming. Or you really dislike colouring and don't think you can use those stamps? Then today's card is for you.

I have used one of those stamps on this card. But I didn't colour it, instead I coloured around it. I used alcohol markers to fill in the background instead of colouring the flowers. This is  a great way to use these type of stamps and not have to do the detailed colouring thing. I didn't even worry that the colouring wasn't even. In the end I think it gives a cloudy or variegated background.

What stamps will you think about buying now that you know you can use them in this way?

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