Thursday, 23 June 2022

Still playing with wreaths

Hello and welcome. I did say a few days ago when I made the colourful wreath card that I had several ideas running around in my head, so you were likely to see a few wreath cards coming up. And I have done just that with my last few cards, but today sees the last one. I think I am done with wreath cards for now.

Even though this is not a full wreath, I still call it a wreath card. I had in my mind to do a half wreath. All but the yellow flowers are stamped onto the card front. The yellow ones are strategically placed to cover where all the mess of the stamped stems are.

If you have ever stamped a wreath and it has ended up an odd shaped circle, then here are a few tips for you. Wreaths always look better on square cards. Always use a pencil to draw a circle to follow. If you don't have anything the right size, then try this. Draw lines from each corner to find the centre. Then use a protractor to draw circle. The pencil rubs out easily once your stamping is dry.

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