Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Too early for Christmas?

Hello and welcome. Is it too early to start making Christmas cards? It probably is, but I had an idea in my head while I was making yesterday's wreath card. I had the vellum on my desk and wondered what a full vellum wreath would look like. It morphed into a Christmas card by the end.

Do you make Christmas cards? Do you send Christmas cards? You know I had a conversation about this with a group of ladies just this past weekend. We got together to have some fun painting pots and the subject of Christmas cards came up. Sadly one lady said she received one card last year so didn't send any. Another said that it is stupid to pay 30 odd dollars on a stamp to make cards. The consensus was either it's cheaper to buy the cheapo cards or even more said a facebook message is enough. How sad is that! I really hope that the art of hand made and the love that goes into making cards is not lost with the generations coming up. So I have promised myself to make all the Christmas cards and send them out this year. I am determined to bring back the art of sending Christmas cards, will you join me?

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