Saturday, 25 June 2022

What to do when you don't have any Christmas stamps

Hello and welcome. Today I wanted to make a Christmas card with limited Christmas supplies. I actually don't have any Christmas themed stamps in my current stash of stamps. So I created this card below. Down below you will find how I got around my lack of supplies.

So how did I get around my lack of Christmas stamps to make this card. Well obviously I had a sentiment but I had no themed stamps at all. So I thought of foliage and berries like holly and berries. Any foliage stamp will do as long as you stamp it green. And I could of made the hollies from red rhinestones, but instead opted for a small flower. Even though it definitely doesn't look like holly, it still evokes that feel so looks festive. 

You could also use landscape stamps to make a winter scene, and even though we don't get snow in Australia at Christmas, the winter scene is still synonymous with Christmas. 

If you have any stamps of presents or bows, they can also be made to represent Christmas. And of course any trees and light garlands will also invoke a Chrismas feeling. 

I hope I have given you some ideas of what you can use to make Christmas cards when you have no Christmas supplies.

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