Saturday, 9 July 2022

More than one way

Hello and welcome. Today I wanted to show you a way to use a stamp that you think you can't do much with. I am  talking about a stamp that looks the same no matter how you use it. If you can see more than one way to use a stamp, you are more likely to purchase it, or use it more often rather than using it once and then having it just sit on your shelf.

So the stamp I used today to show you what I mean, is from the Eden's Garden stamp set. Because this is a full coverage stamp set, when you stamp it you have no option to change it's look. You can certainly use different colours, but it will still look the same. 

One way you can use this stamp more, is to use part of it, like on my card. I have only one part of the stamp showing either side of the green band. Because the stamp is a Distinktive stamp, the foliage is lovely and subtle, and just enough shows of it to give the effect I was after. So you can use your stamps in a partial way to get more use from them.

I love trying to come up with different ways to use our products. Do you have some other ideas for this stamp? Share them in the comments below.

You can purchase all the supplies I have used in my online store below, or by using any of my other ordering methods.

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