Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Wonderful World Series - Part Ten

Hello and welcome. Well the time had to come eventually. I had to run out flowers on that one sheet of paper. So today's card is the last in the mini series, and indeed the whole series using the Wonderful World Bundle. I think I have given you more than enough inspiration for using this bundle. And it's time to move onto using other product. So here is the last flower.

This flower was on the edge of the piece of paper, but was too big to use in yesterdays wreath. Plus I thought there was enough of it, to enable me to use it in it's entirety on a card by itself.

If I have inspired you and convinced you that you NEED this bundle in your life, make sure you place a qualifying order of $180 before the end of August 2022, so you can have this amazing product for free.

You can purchase all the supplies I have used in my online store below, or by using any of my other ordering methods.

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