Saturday, 6 August 2022

Cottage Rose and Water Colour Pencils

Hello and welcome. Ok so I may be a little obsessed with the Cottage Rose stamp set. I promise I will move into something else soon....hehe. For today's card I had a play with water colour pencils.

Are you like me, in that sometimes you get an idea in your head you just have to try. My idea started with a bright vivid green background with black leaves and white flowers. I modified the idea slightly to have grey leaves only because the details of the leaves would be lost if I coloured them black. I love the details on these leaves so didn't want to loose that.

I coloured the leaves and the background using water colour pencils on basic white card stock. Then I used a water painter to blend the pencils out. A couple of tips I have when doing any sort of water colouring on non water colour paper, are to not use a lot of water and don't go over the area more than once. If you do either of these things the paper goes a bit weird and looks strange.

You can purchase all the supplies I have used in my online store below, or by using any of my other ordering methods.

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