Your Reward Points

I really appreciate each and every order placed with me, so I like to reward my lovely customers.

Each order placed receives 
  • a thank you card in the mail. It's nice to receive something other than bills right!
  • a small gift. You just never know what this will be.
  • an emailed tutorial bundle or two. I collaborate with fellow demonstrators every month compiling exclusive tutorial bundles and email these to every customer who orders.
  • extra gifts if you use the Host Code. Add the current months host code to your online order to receive an extra gift.
  • Reward points. 

How does the Reward Points thing work?

It's simple really. For every $50 in an order, before shipping, you will receive ONE reward point.
Collect TEN reward points to earn a FREE $50 shopping spree on me.

I will automatically send you the reward cards in the mail when you earn them. I don't keep track of what you earn, so make sure you keep them in a safe place.
When you have accumulated your ten points, simply mail them back to me along with a list of  the items you want in your shopping spree, to the value of $50. 

So start earning your reward points now by shopping in my online store.

Thanks for dropping by.
Have a great day.

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