Dip Dying
What is Dip Dying I hear you say! Well it simply is mixing the dye from your  ink refills with water and colouring embellishments or whatever with it. It is so much fun, and maybe a little messy too...lol.
I have a fun little twist on it to - Ombre! It's not as hard as you think. So let's get started.
You will need an embellishment, your ink and a bowl of water. I used a tag for my tutorial.

Then you add some ink to the water, but just a little bit to start with as we want to make a pastel version of the colour first up. Now dip your embellishment to where you want the lighter colour to be. Remember that if you are doing ombre like me here, you will need the lighter colour cover the majority of your embellishment.
You don't need to hold it in there long. I only held it maybe for a couple of seconds, but I was using cardstock so it would depend on how absorbent that item was you were using.

Let this dry or zap it with a heat gun, because if you are impatient like me, you are going to want to get onto the next step...lol
Now add more ink, but this time don't dip your embellishment up so far. You can see this time I just dipped my tag in half way.

And repeat the process with more drops of ink again. And for the final colour I only dipped the bottom of the tag.
Just so you know I was using Strawberry Slush re-inker from Stampin' Up! and for the lightest colour I added 4 drops, then doubled it for the next colour, and doubled it again for the final colour. Actually I didn't measure exactly...lol...but that's what I was trying to do..lol
This is the tag that I ended up with. The ombre and colours are so subtle, but if you wanted stronger colours just add more ink.

And this is the final tag. I also dipped the very tip of the roses into the final ink mixture. I think this will end up on a card some day soon.

Scored Diagonal Background


Dividing/Privacy Screen Card

Make Your own Patterned Paper

I was wanting to make a card the other day but didn't have a patterned paper that I thought would suit the embellishments I wanted to use. So I made my own.
I must admit it was a bit of an experiment , but I think it turned out ok. Here is the card I made using the technique.

Now for how I did it. It really is very simple.
You will need a piece of Whisper White card stock, sponges, and Classic Stampin Pads in the colours of your choice. I used Tempting Turquoise, Melon Mambo and Daffodil Delight.

Working on one colour at a time, all you do is press the sponge into the ink pad and then press onto the card stock.

Press harder for a darker pattern and lighter for a more subtle pattern. Experiment with creating paterns or just randomly sponge like I did.
I think makes a really funky and unique background.

Thanks for looking.

Christmas Bon Bons

Cute Bows


Hand Made Flowers

This tutorial shows you how to make some really funky flowers. You can never have too many flowers, right? And to be able to make them yourself is great. You can always have flowers to match what ever it is you are working on.

So here is the finished product, and below are the instructions.

To make this flower you will need the following -
- Card stock
- 2 scallop punches in the sizes you desire. I used a 2 3/8" and a 1 3/4".
- Stampin' Up!'s Stampin' Mist or water.
- Adhesive foam dots.
- Brad
- Small paintbrush or something similar to wrap your petals around.
- Metallic spritz spray

Step One

Punch out three of the largest scallop circle and one of the smaller scallop circle.

Step Two

Cut every second scallop towards the centre of the circle. Do not cut all the way to the centre. In the second picture here I have pencilled in where you need to be cutting. Do this for all scalloped circles. This will make your flowers petals.

Step Three

Take one scallop circle at a time and spray it with the Stampin' Mist. You can use water for this step, but the petals will not be as firm when you are finished.
When you have wet the scallop circle, take each petal and wrap it around the end of your paint brush or similar item. Hold each one for a few seconds.

Step Four

You should end up with your flowers looking like this. If you are impatient like me, then here you can bring in a heat tool and dry them. If you have used Stampin' Mist, the petals should become quit firm. Whilst drying you can curl the petals more like I did, or leave them a little flatter.

Step Five

This one is optional. Spray each of the layers with your metallic spritz spray. Turn one upside down and spray that side, as this will be the bottom layer of your completed flower. Again, bring in the heat tool if you are too impatient to wait.

Step Six

Now it's time to assemble your flower. Start with the upside down petal layer and put a foam dot in the centre. Take another layer, up the right way, off set the petals and stick down. Add another foam dot and place down the last large layer. Add a brad to the middle of the smaller layer and attach using a foam dot.

And there you have it - you have a finished flower. Below are some projects I have made where I have used these flowers.

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